About Crown Overall


Mr. Oscar Berman is the founder and owner of the Crown Overall Manufacturing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. All who know him and who deal with him agree that he is a kind-hearted and noble man, and it does not require more than a look into his eyes to conclude that here is a good man whom even the exciting battlefield of business could not spoil.

Mr. Oscar Berman was born December 23, 1877, in Salant, Kovno Gubernia, the son of Charles Meyer and Sophia Berman. Both parents are still living in Russia. Mr. Berman belongs to an aristocratic family. The renowned Reb Israel Sallant was an uncle of his, and a younger brother, Jacob, is Chief RaLbi of Berditchev and has been recently appointed Chaplain of the Russian Army.

Mr. Berman came to America in 1893. For one year he attended the public schools of Cincinnati. At the age of seventeen he took employment in a wholesale dry goods house at a very small salary. Then for a time he traveled as a salesman for a Cincinnati firm and later for a New York neckwear house. In 1903 he became interested in a little overall business which he bought out shortly afterwards and six months later, with a capital of $2,000, he started the firm which has since become the largest overall manufacturing concern in the United States. Mr. Berman owns two plants employing over 700 people, and he is now erecting a giant structure of five stories which will occupy an entire block on Plum Street from Third to McFarland streets. After the completion of this building Mr. Berman will employ over 2,000 people.

Mr. Berman is not eager for honors and has not the time to hold public offiee. But he is, nevertheless, active in many charitable organizations, is a Trustee of the Raeding Road Temple, a member of the Board of Governors of the Hebrew Union College and is a national Director in several national institutions. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, of the Business Men's Club, of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, of the National Association of Manufacturers and is Chairman of the Executive Board of the Union Overall Manufacturers' Association of the United States and Canada.

On the 5th of December, 1900, Mr. Berman was married to Miss Cora Frank of Cincinnati and they are the parents of two sons, Benjamin, aged 14, and Arnold, aged 9.

Asked what he considered was the most essential to success in business. Mr. Berman declared: "Learn to thoroughly understand your business, give it all vour attention, and don't be afraid of hard work."